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Sunday, February 14, 2016


  • Start Date
    February 8, 2012
  • Genre
  • Band Members
    Arjun- drums,
    Aditya- vocals,
    Amyt- 4 strings/vocals,
    Sohail- 6 strings
  • Hometown
  • Record Label
  • Short Description
  • Bio
    Formed on 8th feb 2012 Amokkshan has released a demo entitled 'Alter thy ambience' and a single entitled 'Forsaken'. Amokkshan has been playing on some local gigs lately and has been recording originals and doing more compositions.
    Vocalist Aditya and ex-lead guitarist creezen were looking for musicians to form a band. Creezen invited Sashim to play as rhythm guitarist. Sashim then invited his cousin Amit as the bassist. Amit and Drummer Arjun were then jamming together. After Amit joined, he then introduced Arjun to the band. Amokkshan was complete and started making music.
    Since creezen and shashim quit the band, now they have two new guitarist sohail and nirish.
    The band name is a fusion a english word AMOK and KSHAN (क्षण), a nepali word.
  • Songs                                      Forsaken
                                                Alter Thy Ambience
                                                Hope In The Vault
                                                Society The Rapist
                                                The Faces
  • Current Location
    Purano Baneshor, Kathmandu
  • General Manager
    Snegdhata Shrestha
  • Artists We Also Like
    August Burns Red, Megadeth, Necrophagist, Death, Children of bodom, Trivium, Unearth, As i lay Dying, goes on....
  • Band Interests
    play wild... get wild..
  • Booking Agent
    9813618932(aditya), 9841757943(Amit)
  • Status                                      Active

Friday, February 12, 2016

Vomiting Snake

  • Genre
    Post - Thrash Metal
  • Band Members
    Rajiv - Guitars
    Rojan -Guitars
    Abhiral -Drums
    Pranoy -Bass
    Aasutosh -Vocals
  • Hometown
  • Songs                                      Venom
                                                History Dust
                                                Evolution Glitch
                                                Disfigured Ideas
                                                Rh Negative
  • Short Description
    Post Thrash
  • Current Location
  • Influences
    All extremes
  • Band Interests
    music music n music
  • Phone
    +977 984-918-1518
  • Booking Agent
    Bijay Khadka [ 9849181518]
  • Facebook                      

  • Status                                      Active

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Desperate MIle

  • Genre
  • Band Members
    Drums :- Sushan Gurung
    Guitar :- Abhishek Mgr
    Guitar :- Bhupen Mgr
    Vocals :- Shisir Bista
  • Short Description
    DESPERATE MILE is a deathcore band from Nepal.
  • Bio
    Formed on 2014 ,
    When Bhupen & Shisir Met Having the same Thoughts On Genre
    And started Thinking with the view of making some extreme stuffs with lots of blast beats and shredding complementing with sick breakdowns And Brutal Thinkings....
    Then Abhishek Joined As Guitarist And Sushan As Drummer.
    The only motive of the band is to create their own sound with The feelings want to show the true Music Of DEATHCORE....
    We consist of members who have had experienced hell and were chosen to live and perform ...
    The main aim of the band is to make it big with their effort ....
    We believe in upgrading our skill to the maxim...
    Watch us out we will Show u all with our sounds in the near future....
    Come in our live shows and keep supporting us we will never let u down.....
  • Gender
  • Record Label                           None

  • Original                          
  • Influences
    Despised Icon , Carnifex ,Veil Of Maya , Suicide Silence , The Faceless, Meshuggah, vildhjarta n many more.....
  • Phone
    +977 984-3588230
  • Status                                      Active

Antim Grahan

  • Start Date
    Founded in 2002
  • Genre
    Black Metal
  • Band Members
    Parash Shakya - vocals
    Pankaj Shakya - guitar
    Niraj Shakya - keyboard

    Session Member:

    Gobinda Sen
  • Past Members                          Surya Pun
                                                 Bhaskar Swar
                                                 Kundan Shrestha
                                                 Yudhir Gautam
                                                 Sabin Shrestha
                                                 Sunny Mahat
                                                 Supath Sitaula
                                                 Pratik Thapa
  • Hometown
  • Record Label
    Ktmrocks Record label 
  • Albums
    Forever Winter (2004)
    Tales From The Darkened Woods (2005)
    In Thy Ambience of Malevolence (2007)
    The Ruin Of Immortals (2009)
    Putrefaction Eternity (2010)
    I Wish You Death (2013)
  • Songs                            

  • Status                                      Inactive

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

DistoreD Rhythm

  • Start Date
    Founded on April, 2013
  • Genre
    Hard Rock,Progressive rock,Groove metal,thrash metal
  • Band Members
    Samrat Mahat (side vocal + Bass)
    Sujan Maharjan(vocal +lead/ rhythm)
    Sagar Tamang(moktan)..........drummer
    Aavash lama (Power + lead)
    Pravat Chhetri( PARAY)-------Keyboard 
                                                Navraj Bista
  • Hometown
  • Songs                                      Naya lagcha 

  • Short Description
    Give the People what they want - and they'll get what they deserve.”
    Distorted Rhythm is here for Giving much more priority for Nepali rock....
  • Long Description
    Things not working out for you lately? Stuck in a rut at work or with your loathsome significant other? Feel like life is just a cruel joke and there's no way out? Well, yeah. Sounds about right. Distorted Rhythm has been saying that the whole time.
  • Bio
    Distorted Rhythm sparked some hope for the musically desolate town of kathmandu,Nepal back in 2012,.. With Childhood friends Sujan Maharjan (vocals/lead),Samrat Mahat (Bass/vocal), Navaraj Bista (guitar) ,Sagar Tamang (Drum).we.started out playing at friends' parties, where we perform Pantera ,Metallica,Avenged sevenfold,RATH,Mantra band,Albatross covers, but began to stretch our limits in 2013 with the Addition of guitarist,..Aavash Lama n Pravat Chhetri (Keyboard)..Navaraj Bista (guitarist) left the band his for abroad study Then,After jamming n giving some covers that same year, the quartet attracted a huge local following, with a crowd of nearly 1200 attending our hometown gigs as a result of diligent self-promotion and energetic live performances.
  • Awards
    Nepali south rock Award,LA Award,Chalnakhel Band Challenge
  • Gender
  • Current Location
  • General Manager
    Samrat Mahat
  • Artists We Also Like
    Dimebag Darrell..Synester Gates......Vinnie paul...Rex brown....Zakk wylde.... Phil Anselmo
  • Influences
    Pantera-Dimebag darell
    Avenged sevenfold- synster gates
  • Other Accounts
    • adicstar_99(Yahoo! Messenger)
  • Website/Facebook                  
  • Press Contact
  • Status                                      Active


  • Start Date
    Founded in 1999
  • Release Date
    May 1999
  • Genre
    Himalayan Metal of Death
  • Band Members
    Sunil Dev Pant (growls, barks, grunts and distorted bass)
    Prateek Raj Neupane (guitar, growls and screeches)
    Bijay Shrestha (bass and growls)
    Bikram Shrestha (drums)
  • Past Members                          Subash Dev Pant
                                                 Aayush Maskey
                                                 Roshan Karki
                                                 Prashant Gurung

  • Hometown
    Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Record Label
    Legion of Death, France
  • Long Description
    Death Metal band from Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Bio
    1999 - band formed and started playing live,
    2000 - demo "The Himalayan Metal of Death",
    2000- single "Chandaal Shaitaan" Music Isles compilation album,
    2001 - album "Blood Metal Initiation",
    2012 - band reformed and touring,
    2013 - single "Disorder Lust (Dang Dung)" Ghalazat MXIII compilation album
    2015- 7" Vinyl EP "Mountain Grinders"
  • Songs                                      Dang Dung
                                                Nihilism Shall Remain
                                                Home Of The Beast,Cannibal Feast
                                                Mayhemic Horde
                                                Perversion Or Cutting Up Of A Human
                                                Slaughter Sword Death Bringer
                                                The Nihilistic Death Attack 
                                                Divination Desecrated
                                                Suicidal Lunacy
                                                A Grand Declaration Of Atheism And Blasphemy
                                                Chandaal Shaitaan
                                                108 Decapitation
                                                Annapurna The Serial KIller
                                                Mount Blashphemy
  • Current Location
    Kathmandu Nepal
  • General Manager

  • Email
  • Other Accounts
    • Service)
  • Press Contact
  • Booking Agent 
  • Status                                      Active